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That means “Waddup!” in Hawaiian for those of you not in the know and it’s a big “Aloha!” from us, here at The Hawaiian Fish Company!

Purveyors of the finest Poké, we at The Hawaiian Fish Company, aim to bring a slice of Maui sunshine to the grey UK.

“What is this Poké” I hear you cry. Pronounced ‘poke-eh’, it comes from the Hawaiian word meaning ‘sliced or diced’ and refers to the preparation of the fish.

Call it a Polynesian cousin of sushi or sashimi.

Here at the Hawaiian Fish Company, we only use fish that is caught with a long line and from ethical and sustainable sources giving our customers the freshest, sashimi grade fish. Next, we dress it in our house marinades of sesame shoyu or yuzu-citrus. Hit it with toppings like our signature pineapple chilli salsa, avocado and macadamia nuts, or our Kauai Kale, carrot and lime slaw! You could even try it with our House Furikake to really give it a taste of the Pacific!

If that isn‘t enough, try some of our Smoked Tuna or Swordfish from The Hawaiian Fish Company‘s Po‘Okela Smokehouse, cured in island flavours such as pineapple juice, ginger and soy to give it that Hawaiian zing.

So far on the journey we have traded in several street food markets, from the city to the West-end; catered to London offices like Buzzfeed, and Bonhams; taken care of a handful of private events and exhibition openings and seen our fish stocked in numerous London delis and butchers. Check us out on social media and follow our journey of introducing London to the world of Hawaiian Poké.